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Cargo trailer to Toy Hauler advice

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I mistakenly posted this as a reply to a thread;

I race a SV650 superbike. Have a 18' auto hauler that is becoming a toy hauler.

 I run a DR650 dualsport, a couple WR's in the dirt, the road track 650, and a ST1300.

Going to probably build a rallycross and race it with my son.

So I was only going to put in some front and one side cabinets. Already have a rooftop AC, and will build in a 32" LED TV Harmon Kardon AVR and Boise Acoustamax.

Already put in a floor,  mounted a tool box to a utility cart, have dual generators, one for AC or the welder, and planned on two rows of tool drawers.

Have a couple cheap shelve units right now, but those are gonna go.

I'm having a hard time with the wall and ceilings.

It has 1" marine grade plywood on the three walls. Since that is so freaking heavy, I plan on ripping it out, insulating between ribs, and covering with either frp, or some other type of durable material.

I already picked up the frp, but it is too thin by itself.


I usually spend the weekend at the track, have a instahot shower, and "nature" bucket. Just going to use a propane gas stove and build in a microwave.

After racing is over is nice to crank up the tunes, or watch a movie.

Use plug in air mattresses that stow away easily, so not too concerned about taking up room building in beds, or dealing with various water/sewer tanks.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The pictures are not current, but you get the idea.

I didn't start out to build a toy hauler, but then, I didn't save up lawn mowing money to buy my first 1970 Honda SL100 thinking I would one day be touching a knee on the tack at 80 either..lol



trailer 1.jpg

trailer 2.jpg

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