Noise behind the inner clutch basket??

Still working on trying to diagnose lower right side crankcase noise '98 400f. It's for sure NOT the CB key.

While I was putting the clutch back on the other day, I noticed something I thought was odd regarding the thrust washer between the inner and outer clutch baskets. I put on the outer basket, then slipped the thrust washer onto the splines and slid it toward the basket. The washer kept going toward the outer basket and dropped off the end of the splines where the shaft gets smaller in diameter. My logic would tell me that the washer should be resting on the splines and not behind them. But there it is, resting on the smaller diameter part of the shaft between the inner and outer baskets. It seems to me that it stays loose there and could rattle around???

Well what do you guys think????

The washer is the same on my '00 426 - it just drops into the back part of the shaft where there are no splines. It seems strange, but it works....

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How do you know its not the counter balancer key way?

Im betting it is, unless you took it off and looked at the keyway, youll never really know.

tick toc, tick toc, that the timebomb of the keyway getting ready to blow.

At least when/if it goes completely south you can update your crank to the 01 spec and get the splined unit.

Shawn MC,

I replaced the CB key ( made my own out of keystock so it was really tight). The old key did not appear to be mashed but I had a very slight amount of play out of the gear that I noticed "after" I took the retaining nut off. I bought a new key from the dealer and it did not make the play go away, so I made one myself.

Anyway, after I got it all back together it still makes the same noise. That is why I am questioning if it could be that thrust washer making the noise when the shaft turns.

I am also wondering about the other 2 gears that are held on by c-clips behind the clutch basket that are both driven by the gear attached to the back of the clutch basket. These two seem to have a lot of wobble and play. Is that normal????

Did you check the springs on the back of the clutch basket ?

Uncle Rich,

I inspected the clutch basket pretty well, front, back, inside and out. No cracks and everything seems tight, aside from the ever-so-slight amount of notching on the fingers of the basket from the friction disks.

If you have any other thoughts would love to hear them, I am still stumped on this one.


When you reassemble you clutch

first thing on the shaft is a thick thrust washer (not shown in manual)then the clutch basket, then a smaller thrust washer, then the clutch hub (boss or inner basket) then the locking tab and nut.

Is this what you have ?



Now you have me questioning my sanity...

I just put the basket back together again today.

I don't have a washer behind the clutch basket, but that is not to say that I couldn't have lost it sometime back. You are right the manual does not have one. The order I have is - basket, splined washer, inner hub, lock washer w/tabs and then finally the nut.

It seems to me the drive gears on the back side of the clutch basket seem to line up pretty well with the other gears behind it.

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