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Need advice on rebuilding engine, bike stopped engaging gears

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Hello, I'm new here,

I need some advice on where to start rebuilding an XR650L with 50k miles on it.


I think I broke one of the gear shafts or clutch components while riding one day. Currently, I can feel a definite click shifting gears, but when I release the clutch, the bike doesn't move, as though its' in neutral. It would almost seem like the clutch is just worn out, and that would make sense, except the bike was shifting well before this, except occasionally it had trouble shifting between 3rd and second gears.

Anyways, would anybody be able to suggest a quick diagnosis for this issue? Would a bike shop be able to tell my anything without taking the case apart?

I was hoping to do some work on it myself by ordering the bottom end on ebay for around $300 and swapping it out, keeping my top end. Which was rebuilt and re-bored 5k miles ago and has a slightly larger (by 1mm) piston. This wouldn't require me to dig into the transmission and would solve the shifting issues I had from 50k miles of worn syncros.

Is this a crazy amount of work? Is it worth diving into? Does it require expensive equipment/tools?

I was looking at selling the bike and getting a newer dual sport.


Thanks for the input

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did you check your front sprocket yet????????  these bikes are known for stripping the output shaft splines.....pull the front sprocket and tell me what you see,,post pics..


then we can give you advise,,it could also be other things.....



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