Does Anyone visit the Dunes?

First time at the Dunes. Paddle tire was awesome! The scenery was beautiful as well. Does anyone else frequent the Dunes on their YZF's?

Check out my site for a few more pictures of the trip to Coos Bay, Oregon.


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Dude! Dunes has to be the number one riding experience in my book. I frequent Glamis myself but hope to hit Coos bay, Florence, and several other dunes up North. I can give you alot of tips on setting up your bike if you'd like. If you like how that 8 paddle hooks up, wait till you try a 10! BOING! I can hook you up with a riding buddy up there if you'd like also.


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Awesome! I hooked up ok with the 8, but was dead out of the hole racing people at Box-Car. Are the front ribbed tires worth it? It was a little shaky at 60mph on the chopped up sand with a knobby up front. Check my sight


I ride mostly in the dunes (Florence, Whichester and Coos Bay) and I run the front ribbed tire, I like the feel, it makes some of the squirliness go away....great for carving up the turns.

Have never tried the 10 paddle (have an 8), but see no need to have any more hook up....would be nice to have a little more wheel spin, but guess that is the nature of the 4 stroke.....great hookup!

I also got a K&N filter with prefilter, which works great for the sand, don't need to clean my filter every time.

Probably going to hit Florence in a couple weeks.

Ok, soften up the compression and rebound settings of your suspension to get rid of the head shake. Try two clicks of each front and back. It will feel weird at first but will track better and be more comfortable. Just don't plan on jumping like Seth Enslow. You can go down more clicks if it isn't totally cleared up. I ran a 6 click difference between my hardpack and sand settings. Running 8 psi front and back helps alot also. I have a ribbed front tire that I ditched after my first time using it. I like the feel of the stocker much more. I almost went over the bars a number of times when the ribbed wonder knifed into a soft dune. Front PSI is important, If you run a hard tire, it will wash out and you'll end up with a mouth full of sand. I've ran as low as 2 psi with that ribbed tire but found 8 is pretty good.

SMP: If you still don't get enough wheel spin, try raising your pressure by two pounds. You should have no problems breaking the rear tire loose. I've tried both Skat Trak and cheng shin 8 and 10 paddles. I prefer the skat trak viper 10 paddle but ride with people who prefer the 8. It's all good as long as we all can still ride!

Jeff, is that really a flag on your bike? Is that law that you hava to have it? I really hope that they don't make us do that in St.Anthony. Does it bother you?

That gay assed flag will save your life more times than the marines will. Bet on that. Especially if your a Glamis sand rat such as myself. I kept my 1988 CR500 just for Glamis. Ive used the 8 and 10 paddles myself, perferring the 8. The back end with 10 paddle felt like I was dragging an anchor. Man, I havent thought about that crusty ole' red beast in a while. That thing is just plain scary! Its amazing that, that much power all at once doesnt just snap the chain!

Man, I love the dunes. My experience is only limited to Dumont. I finally went for the first time in my life this past November and I had a blast. I put 10 gallons of gas through my 426 in 2 days. I haven't been back yet but I think about it all the time. I have only one friend that rides and its like pulling teeth to get him to do anything. My wife won't go with me either. It'll probably be next November before I ever get to go again.

Shawn, I know what you mean about the 88/CR5 I had the same bike untill I got my 00/426. I miss that old beast. There is nothing like a 500 in the sand!!!!! I wish I had kept it, but the YZ is a blast in the sand too.



Much rather take me bike down to the local sand blaster

Going to Dumont this weekend :) . I don't care to dune all the time but 3-4 times a year is a lot of fun. I personnally prefer the 8 paddle.

I rationalized keeping the CR500 by using this theroy with my wife. "honey that thing is so old nobody will want it". Heh heh, it worked! Now Ive both.

That and I raced a brand new YZ400 the year they came out up Oldsmobile and it wasnt even close. We went up and down that hill a dozen time. I must have had 20 bikes on him at the top. Nuthin but nuthin jumps up on top of the sand like a CR500. To top that off, the thing is geared with a 15 on the front and a 46 on the back. Thats a hundred and fifteen miles an hour wide open. Wide open in fifth going around the big bowls behind Olds, man, thats fun!

Flags are required at the Oregon dunes now on Motorcycles. At first I was a little worried about riding with it, but honestly I never knew it was there. No problems at all. As far as CR500's are concerned.. I'd definitly LOVE one in the sand. There is no substitute for raw power in the dunes. To tell you the truth I'm looking for a Banshee for our Dune trips now. Oh yeah, I learned a few things too.. If your going to be "cool" and roost the camera person, don't let off the gas to look back at their reaction. I was lucky enough to already be back on my feet when she snapped this shot.. hehe!


I HAVE BEEN TO GLAMIS 8 THANKSGIVINGS STRAIT ! DUMONT DUNES 4 TIMES PISMO DUNES 6 TIMES AND IT DEFINATLY IS THE BEST RIDING EXP there is in my book! you can do things that you would not think of in the dirt . its much more forgiving when you crash also ! you need to ride fast , stay on top, keep your front light! must have a paddle or your motor will work to hard! i live in ID now so i go to mosses lake a lot . we will be going to florance this summer . dont be mad but RIDE RED !!! CRF POWER !!!!!!

I grew up at Silver Lake Dunes in Michigan. Not as big as some as the others but still fun. I started on a piped and ported banshee, switched to a 89 yz 250. From there it was a 95 yz 250 and now the 99 yz 400. If I want to ge crazy and catch some big air the bike is the way to go. But I still miss my banshee. Those quads are a riot in the sand. Ive pretty much given up on the dunes and just run the tracks and trails. But we still try to get up there at least once a year.

We have to run the flags here also. They dont bother me a bit. Dont even know they are there.

Ya want a spooky dune toy. My bud built a banshee w/ a 900cc articat thundercat motor punched out to 1050cc on nitrous. Dyno'd at 225hp without the bottle. now thats a dune toy!

RichB, thanks for the email, I can't go. Maybe another time.

We were just at Little Sahara in Waynoka, OK. over Easter weekend. That was my second trip down and the first on my 426. It was a riot, just like last time. But the 426 ran circles around my Husaberg! I tell people it's like taking your motorcycle to a huge skateboard park. Freaking blast!!

I run the 8 Cheng. And drilled a small hole in the top of the rear fender to mount the flag. It's worked very well and have yet to break it. Plus if it does break it's less likely to end up in your A$$, than the swingarm mount.

Man, I want to get back down there!!

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Went to Dumont last weekend and only went over the bars twice! :) Man I love the power climbing the dunes with the 426 but the front end just loves to bury itself compared to the KX I used to have as my duner. You definately have to ride it different than the lighter 2-smokes.

As far as flags go I went through a bunch of axle mounted ones (getting tore up by the tire) and I don't care to be drilling holes in my fenders so what I do is cut the flag pole about in half and zip ty it to the back of my chest protector. It works great.

I am afraid that the quads have a big flotation advantage in the sand. I took both my KX250 and my 400ex to Little Sahara in UT and it became pretty obvious which one I would prefer to ride. A bike is a lot of fun in the sand but it just doesn't 'float' across the sand like a quad.

A big bore is a must either way.

On the track though...Give me a bike any day!


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