Does Anyone visit the Dunes?

Motoxpress: It does depend on what you like but your kx shouldn't have that much of a disadvantage in the sand. A paddle and proper air pressure in the tires are really important. I have the YZ400 and a 97 banshee with Toomey's and I'd take the bike over the quad in the sand any day.

Ride the Silver Lake sand dunes here in MI rode Glamis earlier this year what a blast that was I'm way jealous of the amount of land available to you west-coasters. You'd be crazy to ride without a flag in dunes especially where there is two way traffic many people get killed each year in head-ons. I thought there was only a few places in the country besides Glamis, Pismo, Dumont and Silver Lake where you could ride dunes but from the posts on this one I see that their is a few more to explore in ID and the pacific NW. CR 5's are a blast I rode one when I was 15 on the fender all the way up and back down test hill at Silver Lake.

For those of you that don't know what it's like, a mainstay of duning is hill shooting. This story was written by a friend and owner of This happens to feature a quad but I didn't think you guy's would mind.



posted 06-14-2001 09:33 PM

Hi there everybody, Slappy here...ya know, Slappy be feelin da need...da need for...

As you slowly cruise through the dunes of Mother Glamis, the night time air sends a cold shiver down your

spine. It is slow going right now except for the occasional burst of power to ascent up a steep slope and over a sharp ridge.

Not much to see right now but what lies in front of your headlight; but you know where you are


It is a big weekend. Thousands of people are here to show there speed, show what they got. But you got to

remember that secret about Comp Hill at night; the odds are even.

Comp ain't long, steep freeway where the most money or horsepower wins...

this is Comp...a short blast to the top, filled with giant woops in between...

the fastest bike doesn't always win here...

rider skill plays a big part...

if you get through the woops first...chances are...

your gonna win...

Off in the distance you see the night sky, dancing with lights, an all too familiar sight. And then, there she is,

Competition Hill. You stop on a dune just on the outskirts to view the spectacle before you...fireworks,

campfires, people, loud music, more people, and of course, racing the hill...It doesn't get any better. You

are here to grab that self titled crown as "King of the Hill"...Oh yes, it is packed, and it is time to race.

Butterflies begin to dance as a group of Banshees take off up the hill, singing their beautiful, high pitched

song that is indigenous to only them. Thoughts race through your mind as you roll down into the crowd of


...Don't let off for a second, keep it pegged...

even if you get squirly, power out of it...

get through the woops first, don't miss a shift, concentrate...

King of the Hill tonight baby...oh yea!

Rolling up to the front line you find your class. Here they are. You find the leader and pull right in next to

him. On your first run, there are six of you. You notice the King has extended wheels...drag pipe...lots of want it. Second gear, your ready. A quick glance to the left and you catch his eye. The engines

around you rev, three quarter throttle, look straight, pop the clutch...YOUR GONE! You shift to third before

the woops, never once letting off the can't...or you lose. Your machine sings in perfect tune as

you lean back, powering the rear wheels through the woops with perfect form. No bouncing here as you shift

to fourth...yes...the carb slide at its take this one...let off the gas...perfect...nothing like winning.

As the group turns to head down the hill, the former King glances over at you with his finger raised in the

air, "One more, One more". Oh yea, a lot more. This is Comp, this is what it's all about...

.....Speed. WHEW! Slappy needed that. Ain't nothin like racin Comp on big weekends, da odds be

even...Slappy gone!

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