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2011 RMZ 450 Kick Starter getting hung up

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Hello all here goes my first post,

I have a fully rebuilt rmz 450. The bike runs great, the only problem is every time I try to kick the bike over, about every other kick the bike gets hung up, like some of the teeth on the kick starter gear or the idler gear or clutch basket are messed up. I tap on the kickstarter and have to lean the bike over a bit and keep tapping the kick starter and then it will free up for a few kicks. I took the inner clutch cover off and swapped the kickstarter gear with the one that was in it because I had one laying around. Worked for about two rides, then same thing. I found quite a bit of black suit looking stuff that appeared to be from the clutch plates like it was possibly getting in between gears and causing them to bind. However, I just received a new washer/spring that goes behind the idle gear and wondering if that could be the issue.... Again, I have rebuilt a ton of motorcycle engines and am very knowledgeable, but this just baffles me because I haven't found any damage to the gears from the kickstarter, idle gear, and clutch basket. Any advise would be great. I have attached pictures of the washer and I believe the manual calls for the convex side facing inward. 


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Correct... convex side inwards.

Does the lever get "stuck" down or does it just not return like it is not catching? 


#3 in the parts fiche has caused issues in the past for me on other bikes. Also check to make sure the return spring is not binding. They tend to wear out from time to time. 

A lot of times these types of issues can be fixed just by taking EVERYTHING apart, cleaning, and reassembling, then retorque to spec. They tend to get debris and other stuff stuck to them which will throw them far enough out of whack to hang up or not work properly. Also check for any burrs that may be present and carefully remove them.

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