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First post on TT

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Hello names brandon ,

Ive been on TT for a while now .

I bought my 07 drz sm back in oct nov

love the forum, come here to read everyday

I live in sonora calif (if anyones around)

since i got my my bike ive done all kinds of work to it thanks to all the help on here .

When i saw the DRZ SM i knew at that moment i had to have one !!

I sold my 1981 toyota 4x4 project of 8yr to buy one .

any way thanks for having me , i will try to update this thread with build pictures ,questions ,ect .



the day i got it


first mod


the shake down



got a used exaust system on drz owners page via facebook , sanded it with 800grit and raw vinegar

polished it by hand with a wax pad and mothers polish



bought HEL gold steel braided lines for 30$

called galfer brakes for banjos


raptor petcock just because i always turn my dirtbikes to off , just assurance i guess


scored a manual on ebay for 20$

has sm suff in it also


drz owners page 20$ with some fcr parts i needed


scored on this E slant almost free !! (had a crack in the bowl , local mx shop sold me a new one for 30$

and a box of fcr slant parts bells chokes gaskets bodies slides few jets ect !


some hoses to pop the engine and i was changing the coolant so why not ebay 20$


and thats about it for now , waiting on a fuel lines for the fcr and a 90 deg fuel filter to help the fuel hose direction from raptor petcock to fcr




I have a bunch of stock parts if anyone needs something

make offer i looked for the buy-sell page , i guess its down since the forum got worked on ?

i will edit this into the buy sell once its back up

if this is a problem let me know !

all parts were pulled off my bike in working order

hoses were a bitxh to get off the two top hoses might leak , bottom hose was pulled by hand !







i have a jd jet kit for a stock s-sm carb

blue needle and 155-150-145 main jets and

directions only thing missing is the red needle

and 25 pilot jet (5-7$) jet , its all brand new ! never installed

asking 50$ shipped obo


i have centering stock centering blocks for a sm swing arm in great condition also



thanks for everyone here at TT you all have been a big help learning the drz !!


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Welcome, I like the history of the bike and all the pics. You got a lot of good deals on your parts, I'm jealous.

How are those $20 rad hoses working out?

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Thank you , I try to keep it clean !
I search the net every few days just to see what deals are out there , I've been reading through the TT pages for ever now .
The radiator hoses are from pro factory hoses. Com , they are built very nice , and are lined with fibers like oem hoses .
They are double hoses , one set up on the other !
They have been great since I put them on !
I believe the seller ordered the wrong ones (he had a drz E) i guess i just got lucky !!
ill be installing the FCR in the morning after i install the jd kit , i also bought red fuel over flow hoses to pop with the rest ! it should look good .
more pictures in the morning
thanks fellas

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Brandon....You could have got away with things cheaper if you by-passed the JD jet kit....Keihin needles and jets can be purchased separately and imo work best....What's the current needle fitted to the fcr? It should be stamped near the non-pointy end of needle

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Obdxp is what the needle says Mabe I'm wrong , it came off a stock E Drz

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8 minutes ago, F.R.E.D said:

Obdxp is what the needle says Mabe I'm wrong , it came off a stock E Drz



With the OBDXP needle all you need to do is lift the needle 1 notch and with 3x3 

Subject: DRZ400e Jetting SLANT FCR
160 main jet
200 main air jet
100 pilot air jet
EMN needle clip 3 or stock OBDXP needle clip 5 or JD Needle Clip 4
45 pilot jet
2.25 turns fuel screw
Remove the coast enrichener.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=726110&highlight=coast+enrichener+removal

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Well it's been a while ,
I got everything ready for the 39mm slant ! (I hope)
List is
Sm adapters
Emn needle 3 clip down jets r us
100 air jet jets r us
160 main jet Jd jet
45 pilot jet Jets r us
2 turns out air fuel
Low profile choke lever
CE deleted cap off the one vac port
Raptor petcock
New overflow lines
No tps because it never came with one :(
I would like to find one with the little metal bracket and screws , I've looked around with no luck at all .

I think I'm good to go , I have E throttle cables , I'll use them if needed.
Fingers crossed let me know if you have any good or bad advise please !!
Cheers to you all !




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