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Help - Adjusting Compression on FC 450

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So, I've got approx. 5 hrs on the bike now (17 FC 450), and I adjusted the high and low-speed compression and it seems like a little black tube/sleeve started to come out or move with the adjusters, is this normal?  I turned the low-speed all the way in, then backed it out 15 clicks; High-speed, in all the way, out 1.3/4 turns out.  

Also, I adjusted the suspension per MXA specs as a starting point, and the rear feels a little off, almost like its dead.  

Thanks in advance for your help!


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the Hs doesn't have clicks, the low speed has clicks, sounds like you did it backwards, unless this shock is totally abnormal from the past few decades.  Rebound should be on the bottom , it also has clicks. 

also high speed should not be turned all the way out (counter clockwise), that may be related to the black sleeve you saw.

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