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KC 110 Pitbike?

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Hi all, i just purchased a 2005 kc 110 pit bike from a guy on craigslist for 80$ but he had no idea what brand it was besides it was a "KC 110" (he also thought it was a 2 stroke:lol:)with no back rim seeing it was a pretty good deal i went and bought it. all it took was some carb adjustments for it to run but it was left outside uncovered for what seems for longer then its been around for, a lot of the parts have rusted and the brake lines have dry rotted but I'm unsure what parts are proper replacements for the bike,  I'm also looking to find the owners/repair manual if anyone knows where to find theres not much online for these bikes but from what i have found is that they were possibly sold a pep boys? and that they were a powersports Dirtbike a while back ago but they no longer sell parts for it as far as i can see the baja dx 110 pit bike looks similar but not the same brand. and also would it take regular 10-40 weight oil like most pit bikes or does it take a heavier weight? 

any info helps thanks!

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