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Tyres and sizes for motocross rims ?

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Hey all


had a search about but not really finding all the answers I'm after so thought I'd ask here

i have a 2010 RMZ450 in the uk and have managed to get it road legal (just for a bit of fun riding when the tracks arnt open) 

i ride a 08 zx6r when the need for speed gets the better of me ?

Im finding I'm taking the rmz out on the road a bit more often that I though I would! Just such a fun bike to ride that you don't have to be going flat out to enjoy your self 

only issue is tyres and gearing , both are wrong 

im lucky enough to have a 2nd set of standard rims , so want to put road , or at least more road friendly tyres on them as the knobblys are terrifying at 60 mph !


what does everyone thing to do tyre size wise ? Standard is 80/100/21 F and 110/90/19 do I keep to that for road tyres ? 

Also what is the sorta tallest gearing wise I should go for the rear sprocket?  Not after a high top speed but also don't want the thing screaming it's head off at 60mph 

thanks is advance 

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Go down 3 teeth in the rear (or up 1 in the front) for starters and see how you like it. If you want more top end, go down some more in the rear or up some more in the front. Change of 3 in the rear is equivalent of 1 in the front. So you could go up 1 in the front and down three in the rear, probably use the same chain and it would be like going down 6 in the rear. Cheap and easy to fool around with. 

As far as tire size, just get something close for the front. You might have to sell off you're stock rear wheel and buy a 18". I'm not sure of any 90% street dual sport rear tires available in 19" wheel size. There are a ton in 18" tho. 

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I agree with above and if you go down in the rear you can shorten your existing chain BUT if you go up one in your front your chain MIGHT be too short depending on where the rear axle is at currently.

This a Canadian site where I buy stuff from and they have IMO a pretty good filter for showing the tire options they at least sell and might give you some ideas for what to look in Europe in 19"


Don't be fooled with the descriptions cus for example if you click on Michelin Anakee Wild Front Tire, you can still chose 21 or 19"

Tire Style = Dual Sport

Rim Size = 19 or if you decide to get a 18 rim

Hope this gives you some ideas

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