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SSR125 Starting Problem

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So ever since i have had this ssr125, even the first start up, i have been having a problem starting the bike. I will kick it over and it will start and idle for a couple of seconds,  and then die. If you hit the throttle at all it will just die immediately. The idle is completely fine once the bike is running. It takes about 10 kicks, each time the bike runs for about 5 seconds, and then it will stay running and idle. Once warmed up the bike runs decent, some times bogs here and there. I have cleaned the carb 2 or 3 times completely, none of the jets are clogged or anything. I should also mention that when you try to give it gas when not warmed up it will stall and make a loud noise from the air filter as if it is pushing out air or some thing. If you hold the gas on it will run but every couple seconds with will do a weird coughing thing and make very strange sounds from the air filter while the engine cuts out(I may try to upload a video of this occurring). I am sort of ruling out the carb as i am 100% sure it is clean and operating normally. Could this possibly be valves that aren't properly adjusted? I would be surprised if a brand new bike came with valves that were off.. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks. 

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Could be many things. Carbs are known to be very touchy. New bike should have come with fuel filter.  Tank black plastic scraps can come from tank. 

Valves probably are off.  Set at .003 intake, .004 exhaust.  (Inches) not mm

Air screws always set wrong.  Set at 1 1/2 turns out from all the way in.  Check the adjusting screw for any junk on or in it. 

Air filters are marginal and allow small grains of sand to get sucked into tiny holes on filter side of carb.

Replace, gear oil, with good 100% synthetic oil., flush brake fluids. Only replace fork oil with good 20 weight.  No one knows how much in each leg.  Approx 220 cc. Measure what comes out, and add 8% to that number.  

Oil level is important in cases.

Needle on carb I think is in middle.  This bike does not like clip changes. Stay stock.

Check cable binding, oil them

If all else fails redo carb again, pay close attention to float positions.




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