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I have an 03 Suzuki drz400 kicker. It has the FCR 39 carb. I bought and installed a jd jet kit. I followed the recommendations for 3000-6000ft and took out the snorkel (as per the directions) and it seems like it's really lean? If you hit the throttle fast off idle it will hesitate or even die. I put the snorkel back in and it helped a lot but still maybe a bit lean I think? It still does it but not as bad. In the mid-full throttle it seems like it's running very well and noticibly better throttle response and power throughout! I'm just having some trouble in that 0-1/4 throttle, particularly if I open the throttle quickly. So do you think I just need to tune the pilot fuel screw to cure that off idle hesitation or dieing or do I need to move the needle clip or bigger main jet? 

As of now I have the 160 main jet. 45 pilot jet. And the blue needle with the clip in the 3rd from top position as per the 3000-6000ft. directions. Also the fuel screw is at 2 turns out and I have the snorkel reinstalled with a brand new twinair filter and stock exhaust.

It is still fairly cold here in Montana right now (40°F when I had it running around the other day) so I guess that will lean it up a bit too but I don't know if would make that big of a difference to the point that out will die. 

I was also considering removing the deceleration enrichment circuit. I've read that that contributes to off idle hesitation?

Any advice on fine tuning my carb would be much appreciated!




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Thanks for the reply! I've been researching it and I also found that it sounded like an AP issue so I took the whole carb out and cleaned/inspected. I think the AP jet was clogged and also one of the o-rings in the AP was flat and worn out. When I put it back in everything was good to go! It was still getting a bit much air it seemed so I put the snorkel back in the air box and now it seems to run perfect! 


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