Big Buck GNCC, Union, SC: Anyone heading that way?

Is anyone in this forum planning on going to the Big Buck GNCC next weekend?

Sorry KentuckyWR I will be in Moab. :D I wish you luck in the race. :) Watch out for the A-class racers sand bagging in the lower classes. I hear it is rampant in the GNCC series. Kinda takes the wind out from under your wings. :D But it will still be a blast! Have fun. :D


Have fun in Utah!

I've heard it is nice out there!

As for the races, just goin' to have a little fun riding in a new place.

Several of us from Central Kentucky are heading that direction!

I'll be racing Sunday morning in the Vet class . . . only two hours.

I like watching the sandbaggers getting caught in the mud and on the hills!

Be careful out west, take some pics, and give us all a report when you get back! :)

We are heading out saturday morning been to the first 4 so far this year. I am not winning but im having a great time. :)


What class you riding in?

I guess I'm in Vet C . . .

If we get there soon enough and my son isn't really tired from the drive he might race Saturday afternoon @ 4 in the youth class.

Sounds like you've had fun at the previous 4 races!

Hell I won't win anything either, but it is fun to ride some place new!

We're going to Loretta's and of course to Sparta (it is only 1.5 hours from my house) . . .


How'd you do?

The WR450 and I only managed 21st outta 52 (Vet C).

Got a great start (the WR is awesome off the line . . . hit that grey button and go!:D), probably 3-4 into the first corner judging from the film, but killed it in the second corner. I'd say everyone but 10 guys got around me. I was playing catch up the whole race.

Was 26th on the 2nd lap and I know I passed a few on the creek jump each lap (seemed most people were going around). Last lap was hell for me physically. Just not what I used to be 10 years ago. Had great time! Number one son stayed @ home and didn't race due to jetlag from a trip. Heading to Loretta's in 2 weeks for some more abuse!!

TTer's let me know if you're heading that way!


I was going to go to the big buck but spring break kicked my a$$ and I had a bad case of the bottle flu. I went play riding all weekend though and loretta's is going to be the next race I go to. It will be the first time for the afternoon race, don't know what to expect yet. I live in southern indiana in Boonville. You guys have any good ridng down there in Central KY.

03 WR450F 160MJ, needle richer 1 clip, wire clipped, air box mod, odo removed, twin air, all blue plastic, long seal savers, yz rear fender, EE handguards, protaper t-clamp+bars, Bridgestone tires, WC frame/radiator guards, CF lower fork guards, CF skidplate. Pro circuit t-4 slip on,DS customs brake fin. Race tech springs on the way, retorqued flywheel nut ,

Wanted Parts: IMS 3.3 or bigger tank (new or slighty used)

Hey Kentucky,I don't get to read TT often but its kind of ironic I saw your quote today. I raced in the vet C class also. I remember seeing you in the still photos. I was the Wr 450 finding gravity in a bad way on the first turn.Check out morning starts . The crash shook me up pretty good. It twisted my radiator,pulled of the right side radiator hose and broke some plastic. The amazing thing is I didn't know the bike was running air cooled until after the race. The old WR managed to climb back to second place without fluid. I,m going thru it to make sure its ok but it seems to be running fine. I live near by Big Buck so its alot of fun for us.I hated to see your Home town guy Get hurt(Summers). I hope he makes it back soon.

Hope to see ya at Loretta Lynn's. Bill


We'll be there!!!

Can count on it!

Look for KY license plates (2-3 white trucks) and an 8x12 Blue EZ Up Canopy . . . should be along the course near the pitting area if we can help it!!

Sounds like you did awesome @ the Big Buck. Judging from the film I was in 3-4 in the first corner and then stalled in the second corner. I was 18th on the 1st lap, and 19th on the second. On the third I as getting really tired and I let a couple guys get by . . . Had a great time though! Glad to know another WR placed so well!

The film of my start is awesome!! I was not first off the line, but the WR accelerates very hard and by the first corner I'm in third!!! Gotta love that power!


You're kicking A$$ in the series!!

Just checked your stats!


And yes, we here in Kentucky definitely hate it that Summers broke his collarbone. Hopefully he'll be back in action soon. We're big fans!!! :)

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