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'16 XT shifter oil seal replacement

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I nailed a rock and bent my shifter on the last ride. After finishing the ride, I noticed an oil leak had started from around the seal. A couple of questions:

1) What are the chances I bent the main, internal shifter shaft? I tried to manually bend it back in the field, but stopped after having to pull too hard, but not hard enough to straighten (or even re-bend) the shifter.

2)Could I have distorted the oil seal without damaging the shaft?

3) I'm hoping replacing the seal will fix it. Any tips or How-To's on how to do this?

4) I'm guessing/hoping I can find the seal at a bearing shop. Is this reasonable?

Thanks for any input.

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All of that is possible.

Don't waste your time looking at a bearing shop to save a couple bucks, make your life easier and just get the right part.

Unless you don't live near any motorcycle shops.

If the Beta dealer is too far, try a KTM dealer if they have a good tech/sales guy who is willing to check if a KTM seal is the same.

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