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YAMAHA 87 pw50

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I got a 1987 yamaha pw50 ran perfect for the last couple of months then decided to start messing up, on the kickstand it would idle.fine but it didn't sound like it usually did it was quieter and didn't seem to spin the back tire as fast, ever once in awhile depending on how the bike was setting it would go back to original sound and my 5 year old could get on it and go fast but couple minutes would go back to being quiet and not even push itself.


 Anyways I thought I would just put a new top end in it, cylinder, cylinder head, piston, gaskets the hole set up..

 Fired right up was running good during the heating cycles.

I figured it was time take it off the kick stand and let it pull itself around (not high rpms) so i was walking it around and the same thing happened it wasn't as noisy through the exhaust (got quiet) and wouldn't even push itself down the drive way. Put it on the kick stand and every now and again would go back to original self.

  For some reason I think it's wiring? The only thing I haven't changed is the ignition coil, which will be here next Thursday (April 6th) other than that I'm all out of ideas 


Ps. Brand new carb in it, new air box. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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