Want a better lift stand then MotOboss

ok Dumb question

But I have had to take back to MotOboss stands becouse of weld breakage. I looked them over real good. But bottom line is when they break I see why, To Cold of Aluminum Weld. I am not making another mistake on a 3rd so I ask

Any Suggestions :)

What does a Motoboss look like? I've never heard of it.

Mr Toyz

Ego they could be using dead soft rod on an application where they should be using a t-6 or even t-8 rod. If your welding t-6 6064, with dead rod, in a stress test ususally the weld will peel away from the base material.

I have a Motoboss that's about 3 months old and have yet to see any failures in the welds. Maybe they are making them better??? It has even taken a nasty 50mph tumble out of the back of my truck. Hey, that's one for the blooper file if I told you how it fell out of the truck!

Yo EGO go down and buy you one of those Harbor Freight car jacks with wheels that way you can use it for your car and your bike. You can also tie it to the back bumper and use it like one of those motojacks :) Man you cant have that far to get up to the hills, I only wish!!!

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