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2016 WR450f w/ comp ECU Rev Limit?

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As the title says, for a 2016 (probably 2017 too) WR450F, equipped with the competition ECU, is the engine rev-limited?

If so, to what RPM?

Is this adjustable through the tuner?   I don't recall seeing any such setting so I'd guess not.

I've tried two Trail-Tech Vapor computers on this bike, neither gave accurate RPM readouts.  (Yes, gone over installation and installation options ad nauseam with Trail Tech, including photos and videos to them of the installation and the tach readings.  They gave up.) 

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Don't know ( or care )



How do you know that trail tech's rpm measurments are off?  What is your reference?

....and the real question is, why does all this even matter?  If you have to look at the tach, something isn't right....

Just so you know, almost all oem electronic tachs are waaaay off, unless you put in a precision after market tach that can be calibrated.

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