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Tuning suspension for freeride/enduro

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Hey guys I need some input on tuning my suspension for freeride/enduro.


Here's my stats for reference:

Bike: 2017 KTM 500 EXC

Riding weight: 170lb

Tire pressure: 10psi

Sag: 115mm

Current Settings:

-Fork: compression stock, rebound -2 clicks slower

-Shock: Low speed stock, High speed stock, Rebound -2 clicks slower


Current Issue: The other day I did a hillclimb 3rd gear dicked a couple times. When my front wheel hit the rock outcroppings the front end really spanked into the rocks, I felt really hard hits in the bars, like the rim hit the rock. Same feeling when I hit potholes rippin 4th hard, the front end really bangs hard and the bike gets hucka bucka.


Anyone with some experience have any suggestions what needs to be done here?


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