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X Trainer OI warning light will not cancel

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I dropped my  x trainer and broke the input wire to the HT coil.

Before discovering the fault, I had tried to start it several times, including an attempted bump start.

Since rectifying that fault, the OI amber warning light is on constantly. From the fault finding guide http://www.betarider.org/Oil_injection_guide.pdf I see that the warning light will come on if there is no spark.

I assume that this was the initial fault detected that brought on the warning. Now, however, that fault has been corrected but the warning does not cancel.

I have checked the system and is working correctly - it is supplying the correct amount of oil at the injector nozzle. I have checked all connectors throughout the system. I have disconnected & reconnected the bike battery in case a fault code was somehow stored.

The warning will not go away!

Does anyone have ideas please?

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Not sure what all it resets and clears, but there is a small reset button on the back side of the tail tech. You'll need a pencil or similar to depress it.   

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