Anyone ride in Ocala National Forest?

I normally camp at Lake Delancy. I'm not camping this weekend as I have to work saturday, but I'm going to try to make a day trip sunday. Where do you park? There is a parking area right past delancy and I have been on the other side of the forest near 75 and 77. Over there is a pretty cool sand and clay pit. It has a few hills and a couple of nice little jumps. Let me know where you are going to be and I'll try to make it out this weekend.

If anyone rides here and would like to point out some good spots to ride I would be very thankful. I've only been there 4 times, but have only found a couple of good pits to ride in. Everything else is just trails and whoops. Which is fun too, but not to many hills or jumps.


We ride there every Sunday.

If you're looking for MX/SX style riding in the forest, you're pretty much out of luck. It's mostly 1 and 2-track trails, fire roads, and jeep trails. There are a few sink holes where you'll find an occasional hill climb. There are also a lot of places where there is deep sugar sand and MILES of whoops. (We use one 7-mile section of whoops as endurance training.) Basically, the ONF's attraction is trail riding.

If you want to join us, you're welcome to. We ride a pretty aggressive pace.

What all is required to ride there (spark arestor, meet noise level, etc..)? I'm about 4 hours south of the ONF but I would love to drive up some weekend and give it a go.

We usually park in the southern part of the forest. Our regular parking area isn't far from Alexander Springs. Last week, we went a little farther north on SR 19 to a parking area a couple miles south of 40. I'm not sure yet where we'll be parking this week. I can email any of you with detailed directions if you want to meet us or meet up with us sometime during the day.

A spark arrestor is supposed to be required in the forest. (Not that anyone has EVER checked our equipment.) If you are riding a stock YZF you probably don't have any lights or a tag. All of us, except for one guy, have dual-sported our bikes with hi/lo beam headlights, tail/brake lights, horn, mirror, and a tag. The guy who hasn't done it constantly has to be on the lookout for law enforcement. More than once, he's had to make tracks to avoid a ticket. A few months ago, several in our group received $75 tickets for riding on a numbered road without a tag. What I'm saying is that you will be severely restricted in where you can ride in the ONF or have to worry about getting stopped without one. It's up to you as to your comfort level of taking chance on getting a ticket.

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My bike has never been checked and I have talked to a few rangers. They told me that you are fine to cross the numbered roads, just not ride down them without a tag. There are a few places that you can not ride at in the forest so stop at one of the welcome centers and pick up a map. It has the rules and marks the places not to ride.

Can you ride beside (on the shoulder) the marked roads without a tag? Also what is needed for camping there, just a tent (do they have facilities)? And most importantly, is there flat area where my wife (not too skilled) can ride in a strait line on her XR100? This sounds like a great place for a fun weekend!

Oh last question. Who makes a good quiet spark arrestor / muffler (slip over or bolt on)?


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Here is a site that will help you on the campground that are there. Some are better than others. I camp at Lake Delancy, it's the only campground in the forest that you can ride in and out of. It has ONE bathroom, outhouse style. (Gross)I go down to Salt Springs and take showers there. It cost $3.00 dollars a head. Well worth it after a long day of riding. I spoke with a guy that got a ticket for riding beside a numbered road. He said the ranger told him that you had to be 30' off the road. I don't know of many real long straights that don't take going through a lot of whoops to get to.

The rules as I've seen posted say that you can not ride down the side of a paved or numbered road. The restriction is tree line to tree line on both sides of the road. Do we ride down the side of the road? Yes. We try to keep that sort of thing limited to roadways that already have a clearly-defined path worn in next to them. If it doesn't, we ride on the pavement. It's my understanding that the fine is bigger for riding on the shoulder than riding an unlicensed bike on the street. Possibly impoundment.

The maps of the forest have very few of the resticted areas marked. They change from time to time and the maps do not keep up. Also, if you go to a campground that's not specifically "zoned" for off-road vehicles/ATV's, the campground host will let you know under no uncertain terms that you can't ride your unlicensed vehicle in or out of the campground. I'm sure they will call law enforcement if you do not cooperate. One of the Lk. Delancey campgrounds IS zoned for it, the other is not. That's the only one I know of that allows off-road-only bikes.

There are plenty of wide open spaces for beginners to practice.

I have an FMF Megamax II that's spark arrested. There are several brands to choose from that have spark arrestors and FMF has at least 2 or 3 models with one.

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