Practicing alone

Agree...going dual sport riding or trail riding alone is different than practicing MX alone...if you are dual sporting or trail riding you can back off a bit to ensure you don't fall and hurt yourself...
MX practice at a track is are practicing techniques at near race speeds and there are jumps and high speed turns where you can really be hurt...sounds like all the MX riders who go to tracks alone let people know they are there...just in case...around here...there is always an emergency response person at the tracks when the tracks are open...

I have 6 acres behind my house of woods and MX. I ride alone , but always let me family know if they don't hear the bike running for over 30 minutes I have probably crashed.


Beautiful bruises, three broken ribs, a torn up thumb, and lunch at Wendy's. that's when I don't ride alone :-/

As someone said earlier, "acceptable risk". I guess I ride more carefully when I'm on the trails alone.

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