How much oil?

What does that mean in english??

It means that the full load is about 1750cc of oil. Get a RatioRite down at your local parts mart

Also the oil you can pour down into the gut will not take the full 1750cc (Approxamate)at first ..

Pour enough into the Tank Resivour to the top notch on the earl stick.

Run the bike a couple of minutes, shut down and check the oil level. Pour into the resivuor the rmaining until your reach the top notch.

When Chking place the Earl Stick in the hole "DO NOT SCREW IT DOWN"



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LOL 1.6-1.7 qts depending on if you clean your oil filter!

Thats would be the Max.

Dont do what me budd did and keep pouring the oil in, and have the oil drain out :):D:D:D

Thanks ahole, that really makes sense. However that raises another question, how do I clean the freakin' earl filter? How often? Thanks for your patience.


To clean your oil filter, just drain the oil and pop the oil filter cover off of the right side of the bike. It's just under the header pipe in front of the brake lever a little. Use some compressed air to blow out any debris or metal particles in the filter. You will find those from time to time, but some people never see anything in the filter...'cept oil and that guy Earl!

Be careful not to strip those bolts holding the oil cover. And tighten them all equally!

Idaho, your 426 should hold about 1.54 quarts of oil. Thats what the manual for my 00 calls for. The oil filter is a piece of cake to clean. There is a round piece on the right hand side of the engine just slightly above and in front of the clutch cover (the thing that says Yamaha on it). You will have to loosen your headpipe to get to one of the bolts though. Ever come down to TF to ride? We might have to go tear it up sometime. Hope this helps.

Idaho, dont be too surprized if the allen screw on the oil filter cover is difficult to remove/stripped. There is a drain hole in the filter area that allows small debri to get into the threads of that screw and foul them. If you change the oil and dont mess with the filter, all you'll need will be 1550cc of oil. The filter holds approx 200cc. You can wash the filter out with engine degreaser to get it nice and shiney.


The service manual that comes with the bike when bought new is excellent. Pick one up when you get a chance. If I bought a bike second hand, I would go over everything before I rode it. Unless you know the person you bought it from and what maintenance was done to it.

I'm changing the oil in my '02 426 this weekend.

You can CLEAN the oil filter?

I know this sounds like a stupid question but I haven't ridden since I was a young teenager and my dad did the maintenance on my bike.

Really? You can clean the filter?

Yep you can clean em.

Be sure that you take off the rubber piece that aligns the filter in the motor. You may find this piece stays in the motor when you take the filter out, thats fine.

I use some cleaner, anything that will cut oil is fine, and wash it off. After the oil is gone take the filter to the sink and wash it out thoughly with hot water. Two hints; Use a bowl full of water to swish the filter around it to wash out all of the metal pieces. Use a soft brissle tooth brush, preferably not your wifes, and brush away any metal pieces you can find. When all of the metal pieces are gone you're done!

You can continue to use the same filter until you find a tear or you've smooshed the ridges beyond recognition.

Good Luck

oh, 1.6 liters = 1600 millileters

1 quart of oil = 948 millileters

Mr Toyz

Yes you can clean the filter (I use carb cleaner and compressed air) I have to replace mine every 4-6 months because the 2 blue seals wear out over time!

Hey Potato

Thats EGOAHOLE spud king

If you can wait I'm going to try to scan the manual into bitmap form for someone this weekend and when I'm finished I'll post a link here in a new thread. My manual is for an '01. It's very good, a must have if you have the bike!

Word of warning, do NOT overtighten the bols on the oil filter or the oil drain bolts:

filter cover (all): 10 Nm

drain bolt (frame): 23Nm

drain bolt (cases): 20Nm


Whenever you get the manual scanned. Email me the file and I will post it on my site (if thats ok with you?) If it is over 1MB (which Im sure it will be) I will give you a different email to mail it to (because hotmail has a 1MB file size limit) I thought about scanning mine but it is too greasy and wouldnt be legible after I scanned it. I will scan my 03' YZ450f's manual whenever I get it :) Later,


I use a ration rite and dump about 1500cc's of oil in mine. I always clean the filter when I dump the oil but because of the oil sitting around the nooks and crannys 1500cc fills the beast up.

Originally posted by cowboyona426:

You will have to loosen your headpipe to get to one of the bolts though.

Not on a 2001. They redesigned the shape and you no longer have to move the header pipe...

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so we don't have to hear about your engine seizing in a couple of weeks, go here:

and here

even though i wrote these posts for someone with a [yz|wr]250 everything is valid for your [yz|wr]426.

ps--> the "tranny oil" is the "engine oil" is the "tranny oil" is the "engine oil". got that? :)

jim aka the wrooster

thanks skthom2320, I forgot you guys with 01's and 02's had it easy :) !

Hey guys, I just bought a used 01' 426 and it did'nt come with a manual. How much tranny oil do these beasts hold? I've noticed that alot of you like the mobil 1 with the red cap, so that is what I will probably use. Thanks for any help!!

P.S. This bike kicks a$$!!!

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