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Carb leaking from bottom bolt

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Got a cr250 2002 the other day and the exterior of the carb was filthy. Like a general covering of two stroke oil and bits of dirt. Not horrible but needed a clean.

Got it open to find the internals were completely clean. So I cleaned the outside too.

Put it back on and went for a small warm up ride, and came back and the nut that screws into the bottom of the bowl would drip some gas/oil.

It's not the o ring of the bowl for sure. The carb is a mikuni TMX? Google a cr250 2002 carb and you'll see. Anyway, I figure that's why the outside of the carb was filthy because of the dripping. It's not dropping anywhere else. The nut is tight too.

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Verify all vent hoses are attached and pointed downward. Probably replace the float bowl gasket. Yes, the OEM carb is a flatside Mikuni TMX. Believe they were all the same 2001-2003. 

Absolutely right. Btw, I love your profile pic:) (bubbles)

Opened it up again and there was a seating for what looked like an o ring would be. Went online and brought up the carb, found the drain bolt was supposed to have an o ring on the seating. So I put one on and she's all good now!

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