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Anyone Heard of Banshee battery? Are they good?

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I was thinking about ordering a Banshee YTX9-BS for my 2012 XR650L. They have them in eBay for around $24 dollars. They come with a 4 year warranty. Anyone ever heard of this brand or know of a descent one? I don't want the high price $100 battery at this time. Please help. Thanks and all comments are greatly  appreciated. 


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I bought an elcheapo battery for my L as I was tired of the $100+ batteries cratering after a year or so from Batteriesplus.com.

I figured if I am wasting $, then another $28 just doesn't matter. 

The new battery has been fine for months. I keep all my batteries on Battery Tenders.

My vote is to try it. Most stuff is from China anyway, so might as well not pay the premium, and give this one a shot. :) 




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