heard the funniest thing "may Explain Somethings"


Here is a fact I heard:::

Do not put ICE water in your camel packs or hydration systems while riding.


Drinking ICE water lowers the IQ

Your Brain has to work harder to warm the liquid in your bellie, thus lowering your IQ. Its a scientific Fact. :)

So that may explain some funny things you see out there on the Trail :D

Close enough :)


I hope you are not serious...I was beginning to think that somewhere between your sarcasm and your typos there was some intelligent life force...


Ride On,


Hmmm cold bad huh? That means you should be able to drink as much beer as you want if its warm? :)

Ive never heard of the IQ factor with cold water but Ive heard that icewater will tire you quicker because of the calories it takes to warm it to body temp.

Now I just heard that, Im not asserting that. Big difference. Ice water never made me tired.

Hey Ego, if you think ice water messes you up, wait till you see someone ride who's been drinking that warm beer shawn is talking about :) ! Honestly, I'd never heard that before. Maybe it has something to do with brainfreeze :D

This relates to the old advices that it is not a good idea to hydrate with cold water when it is really hot outside because of the shock to your body and the resulting energy loss. I choose to ignore any inference that blood circulation in the brain relates to intelligence. It's a silly notion.

As far the hot weather/cold water situation, I will choose ice water when it is available. Years ago I worked many a very hot day under the Arizona sun (temps to 120 deg.) swinging pick and shovel. Needless to say, consumption of gallons of water is mandatory. We would buy ice blocks and put them in a water cooler and drink ice water all day long. On occasion, the delegated ice provider would forget the ice or not show up and we would have to dring water straight from the tap. Let me just say that suffering heat exhaustion with a belly bloated full of warm water is a hellish irony.

I am dead seriuos, I lost the ^%%$@^ Link but I will find it, I thought it was the stupidest thing I have ever heard of, I started to read this and I thought My GOSH our tax dollers paid for this crap.

I will get the link Butit is funny to read....

Ego, you spend too much time on the computer and not enough time on the seat having plain old fun.

Thats probably a true statement, Thats why I have a set of ProTapers connected to my Key board, with the ergo chair I have,,,,,,

Man I am flying, The crew next to me thinks I have lost it from time to time

Vrooom Ehhhhh errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Rapppaaaa errrrrrrrrrrrr Eeeeecccccccccccc

Coming out of me Cube All Day

Life is good :)

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I did work for guy that refused to drink ice water. The reason was his father was out one day playing racquet ball in 100+ degree heat, came in the house and downed a bunch of icewater and immediatly feel to the kitchen floor paralyzed. He ended up totally paralyzed for about 2 years. Then just snapped out of it. My boss, that told me this story wasnt the type of guy that would BS this kind of story. The doctors said they couldnt be absolutley sure, but they thought it was a shock from the icewater, in volume, to his overheated body. Ive never heard of anything like this before or since, but who really knows.

On the subject of hydration systems...

I can't remember where, but I read an article a while back that said CamelBack is a contributer to the Sierra Club. So if you purchase a CamelBack you are helping them close down riding areas. You may want to do some research before you buy one of these.

and Charman donats to AIDs, That aint gonna stop me wipping me Azzzzz :)

I make it a habit of looking at the companies I buy from, plus I make dang sure the monies I pay for the product is not supporting any freaking EcoNazi, FemiNazi, or any other liberalNazi orginazation. Plus I never never never NEVER but anything that does not have a MADE IN THE USA.

Cept Me YZ

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