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Air leak issue

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Started up.my bike 05 rm 125 after a few months sittting idle. Ran it a few laps and im gettin the bowwwwwww at 0 to about 1/8 after that it picks up nicely. But obviously its a problem when comin out of corners and blipping for jumps. I initially thought lean pilot circuit right. So i kept uppping the sizes from 35 to 40 to 42.5 with no change. Mj is at 380. Needle is stock on 3rd. 

Im running vforce 3 pc pipe and r304. I kept thinking it felt like an air leak so i pressure tested. Nothing external leaking. Cylinder gaskets fine, reeds sparkplug checked out.  Thought it may be the crankcase seals. Pulled thr clutch out but no leaks at 7 psi. However the power valve seeped alot of air .if i put an oring behind the shaft  it stops the air leak and there is no loss of psi in the crank.

Is this leak normal here. I dont see any sealin mechanism just a shaft thru a hole. I still cant figure out that lean condition either. Any ideas on what else do check


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