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2003 CRF 230F Smoking - HELP!

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Hello internet gurus,

I have one of these bulletproof 230's and have loved it every second I'm sitting on it. 

Normally I'm riding technical trails and such - slow stuff. But last weekend we got out onto some dirt roads and picked up the speed to maybe 40-50 mph. Every now and then I would see a little puff of smoke when I really twisted it open. Now it's nothing critical and it still runs fine but I hate it when my machine is not 100%. Anyway I was thinking that one of the two valves was beginning to go or maybe even rings. I'm not too experienced on situational diagnosis so any theories are helpful. 

Note* The gal I bought this from used it to ride to her mailbox to get mail and when I opened it up at home the few drops of oil that dripped out were sludge. I don't think the oil had been changed since the factory :/

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If you are riding at moderate rpms and then hit the throttle ...And see a puff of blueish smoke.... In most cases it is time for new rings on a freshly honed bore...


Unless you have a bike with only a single compression ring like a crf450... Then you will see the puffs under the same conditions, but with a single compression ring, it is completely normal..

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