Carb goo

I have had this happen a few times to me and I'm wondering if anybody else has this problem and if there's any easier way to take care of it.

Sometimes my throttle will stick wide open. Not while I'm riding but when it's been sitting in the garage. I've had it happen to me twice. If I turn the throttle wide open when the bikes not running it will get stuck and not return.

I took the slide out of the carb and there was gummy gunk on it and carb.

It comes right off with carb cleaner but I'm wondering if other people have this problem and what I should do to prevent it from even happening.

Does anybody run some kind of cleaner in their gas?

Should I run the carb dry after I ride?

What about a stronger spring?

Thanks for any input.

The main reason I run an av gas mix in anything that doesn't run on a daily basis. Lots of posts on here about possible problems running it, however I've yet to have an issue. 2 cents and all.

I buy 5 gallons of high-test at a time and add a gasoline stabilizer to it immediately. I also add a capful of Marvel Mystery Oil to every tank of gas. I have not experienced any gumming problems.

What's marvel mystery oil? I've never heard of it.

I think I'll try the stabilzer stuff though.

After I'm done riding, I'll drain the float bowls on all our bikes so there's no fuel sitting inside the carbs, otherwise they'll gum up and get varnish inside. I also add fuel stabilizer to all the fuel I use to prolong its life and minimize the gum/varnish. Fuel stabilizer only works on fresh fuel, so don't ad it to your old fuel or its simply wasted. I use a product called Sta-Bil that can be commonly found in auto parts stores, camping & RV places, etc. Here's a link with some more info.

Ace has a pretty good price on this stuff if you like shopping online.

If by chance anyone plans to order online from Ace, then check out this web site for coupon codes that will get you a further discount. Also right now, there's free shipping when you have your items shipped to your local Ace store, but you have to select that option to get this deal. I ended up paying less than $4 for each 32 ounch bottle of Sta-bil fuel stabilizer I just purchased a few minutes ago online when using these coupon codes, which is a darn good price.

Wow! Tucker Rocky ATV sells this stuff for $7.49 for 8 ounces at the link below. Buying a quart from them would cost me $29.96 + shipping. I just paid less than $4 from Ace for a quart of the exact same thing and that price included shipping. It definitely pays to shop!!!

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