tag or renthall

I want to put new bars on my 426, do I want to put tag or renthall. T & T cycle sells tag for $85 and $100. for the renthall twin walls. For now I guess I would use the universal mounting kit, unless ya'll say otherwise. One more question, what about the rise, med. or high as I don't have a clue. :)

Go with the TAG T-5 bars. I have a pair on my 426 and love them. I bought these after bending my McGrath bend Renthals. The T-5 are the same OD as standard bars but are thicker walled, so new TC's or oversize mount kits aren't necessary. If you ride trails like I do and run aluminum hand guards, you may have to cut the bar insert down a little (the bars are standard diameter on the ends for aluminum hand guards).

The Renthal products have left a bad taste in my mouth, not to mention my wallet. I went with protapers after my fat bars got bent. Bend and sweep is a matter of taste.

Did anyone see the back cover of the latest Transworld Mx Mag? Its a protaper ad stating how much stronger there bar is compared to other OS bars.

Great sig Cowboy!

I've broken two sets of renthals at the crossbar. Guess which brand I bought the 3rd time around?

T & T cycle sells tag for $85 and $100. for the renthall twin walls.

Where can I find this T & T Cycle?? Thanks.

I run Renthals but not the Twin walls as they are way to stiff and have had problems with breakage. I have never has a problem with the Renthal FatBars bending or breaking in a crash although like any of the bars under the right load conditions they will bend or break too.

The TAG bars look to be a good quality bar and I would buy them if given the choice between TAG and Twinwalls. The twinwalls are way to stiff for me I prefer to run a solid top mount from EMIG racing which keeps the twisting of the bars/clamps to a minimum but also allows the flexing (UP & DOWN) that is not present or minimal with a crossbar like the Twinwalls.

My mistake on T&T cycle, it is Tommys Cycle , he has a 800 number, but the only number I have for him is (870) 231-3006, he is local for me.

I've been running Windham bend Twinwalls on my 426 for a year now and love them. Second pair (first pair had a little arguement when a tie down failed on a back road at 45 mph. The sight of my bike dragging itself upside down on the pipe and bars about killed me!) The twinwalls do transfer a little more to your hands which can feel a little harsh if you come up short on a big landing though. But I've never bent or broken any. It makes me wonder just how hard you have to crash to break them. Are we talking about a sever crash like Pingree had when his KTM siezed in mid-air and snapped in half when it smacked the face of a jump in a recent supercross? Or are we talking about a routine crash?DSC00487.jpg

Just helped my Bro put on some Tags, they appear to be great bars and Im thinking of making them my next bar replacment, the only problem we had with installation was with his Acerbis Pro hand gaurds, there is a small taper about an 1.5 inches inside the bar which prevents ya from slidding in that spreader bolt (or whatever it is), we had to use pro taper installion bolt in order to get the dam hand gaurds on. Something to keep in mind if your runnin Cerbis Pro's.

Get the Pro-Tapers they are in that price range . They have always stood behind them . Why most reputable dealers stock them . They work great with Cycra Pro-bend handguards . Also universal mounting kit is strong enough for bad spills . I have crashed pretty hard and never ever worried about the bars .

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