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Rear brake problem

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If I'm understanding correctly there is uneven piston extrusion between right and left? And they (the right?) aren't retracting back into their respective cylinders sufficiently? If so it sounds like u have air in ur system. Motorcycle brakes can be a pain to bleed. I've had most success by back-filling the fluid thru the bleed valve and into the reservoir but that's usually when rebuilding the front brakes. It's not hard to do and is almost fail-proof once done. You'll need a hose to attach to the bleed valve tightly and a means to force fluid thru the system that way. I use a fork oil syringe (used to siphon off excess fluid when filling front suspension chamber). I've also used a little siphon pump purchases from harbor freight financing few bucks.

Honestly tho I've never had to do that for rear calipers. I've done this before with rear: find something flat and thin to take up any gap between the brake pads and rotor (piece of metal, plastic, old worn brake pad of gap is big enough). Fill reservoir, pump brake pedal, hold, open bleed valve and close before letting off pedal. The gap u filled with piece of material will provide more resistance to the system which will force more air downstream and out the bleed valve. Keep doing this u should be fine.

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