Indy - Help!


Need a jetting recommendation. 5800-6800 ft, 70 degrees, low humidity (in the high desert of NV). Any idea? My first guess would be 160 MJ, red needle #6, 48PJ. Am I even close?

The reason I ask is that I have a race in a couple weeks and won't be able to fart around w/ the jetting before hand.

My bike seems to be setup similar to yours. Every time I go to a different elevation, I go thru your old posts and find the magic combination. Of course I try variations on your recommmendations, but end up running your combination. Why fight it any longer? Any chance you've put all that knowledge into a database?

Thanks in advance!


I recommend a 160 main, red #4, 48 or 45 PJ.

When it is summer drop in a 155 main and leave it on red #4 and put in a 45 pilot. Dont forget your main overlaps with your needle and you wont need to go to Red #3 unless you are at 10,000 feet on a 80 degree day. You should be good to race. :)

Muchos Gracias!!! Thought 160 MJ might be a touch lean at that elevation, but like I said, I'm not fighting it any more. Just trust Indy.


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