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2013 ttr230 problems

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I recently have purchased a 2013 ttr230 so I can ride in the summer. The few problems I am having are the valve cover closest to the exhaust is leaking on start up and run, it doesn't look like it is seated properly, its seems to be over to much on one side so I don't think the o-ring is seated properly allowing it to seal and I don't even now if there is an o-ring there as I am the fourth owner (also wondering what the torque specs are for those three bolts on the valve cover). The front master cylinder has a slushy white substance in the bottom (too much water in the brake fluid?) also am wondering how I should clean it out with out it getting in the brake lines. The master cylinder also has a thin layer of liquid around the cap and lid after around 12 hours it seems like its either water or brake fluid but neither is good and the diaphragm is in good shape. I'm not sure if I put the cap back on to tight and pinched the diaphragm not allowing it to seal properly, also I have went around the master cylinder point where it seals with the lid with 500 grit sand paper and cleaned up the gunk on that too, making sure not to scratch the surface too deep (which i didn't). The spokes on the front wheel are loose beyond belief and was wondering a good way to tighten them and being able to keep the rim true because not all of them are loose just the majority. The rear rim also has a broken and a few loose spokes was wondering if I went to a dealership if they would just sell me 1 spoke. None of the spokes are seized.   

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I'll offer a few comments.

Torque spec on the valve cover bolts: 7.2 ft pounds.  The o-ring is like $7 from the dealer - just order a top end gasket kit for $20 (i.e. Tusk) off of ebay and it is included.  I'd suggest you check the valve lash anyway so you'll have the intake o-ring in case it leaks once you remove it.

I would flush the brake fluid and bleed the front brake.

For replacement spokes I have only found the entire kit available for like $90.  There are a few sellers of individual spokes on ebay - I think I paid like $15 for 4.

For truing/tightening the wheel.  I would call a local shop to see what they would charge you if you brought them the wheel only.  Spray a little penetrating lubricant on each nipple and hopefully none will break.  What I do is mark every third spoke with tape.  Then every third with different color tape.   This way you have a "naked" spoke and then spokes marked with lets say black and then blue tape alternating around the wheel.   You'll need a spoke wrench.  Hit every third spoke and give it a 1/4 turn.  Then go to the next set of 1/3 spokes, then the third set of spokes until the spokes are tensioned.  If the spokes are really loose then the hub may be shot.  Check the eyelets at the hub to see if they are elongated.

If you do a google search you should be able to find a shop manual for the bike.  It is mostly unchanged over the years so if you find an older manual it should be good to reference for torque specs, etc.

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