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’17 450 TPS setting

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I am trying to adjust the TPS on my ’17 FC 450.

I have the TPS tool, and have tried 2 different multimeters. I keep getting odd number.

With the multimeter hooked up to the tool, black to black, red to red, and the multimeter set to DCV at 20, just like every video I have seen; I get readings of 4.45 on both multimeters. changing the readout on the multimeter does not give me any results even close to .5-.6

What am i doing wrong? I have noticed if i hook the meter up, red to green and black to black on the tps tool, i get a reading of -.53

that is the only thing close to .5



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For anyone following along, this issue was resolved.  This was a very early model TPSTool and the colors were in a different order.  I sent him the latest model and that will resolve the issue.  Check it out in the thread linked below. :)  



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