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TTR125 clutch cable has goldilocks & the 3 bears syndrom?

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Picked up a TTR125 and just got done going through it from head to toe.  Went to take it for a test ride to adjust the clutch and its either too hot or too cold.  It seems it does not release all the way, or, if I adjust it the other way, it will not disengage all the way.

I think it might be the clutch handle as its shaped odd.  It looks like a capital "P" with the flat side of the hole taken out, of course.  I am not sure if it needs to angle out, or???

Do I attack the issue by getting a clutch handle, adjusting the 2 brass connector joints 2/4rds up the cable, or?  How do I get it juuuuuuuust right?


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