how did you find out...

Here's another fun topic. How did everyone find out about thumper talk. I found TT when i was searching for info on a 1998 YZ 400F. It was the first on the list. I have been here ever since.

I just managed to stumble across it one day. It has been a big help! Everyone on here is very helpful and informative. Ego cracks me up. Keep em comin! :)

Ego cracks everyone up. :) I cant wait to find out how he found out about TT.

I found it in a bathroom stall it was etched in the wall for a good time

it was signed Shawn :)

In reality I saw the thumper talk sticker on the fender of a bike

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Nah I lied I saw it tattoed on a phatt ladies butt

I first thought it read, until I folded the wedge out to

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I was cussing my bike and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in starting the damn thing. So I did a search and found TTalk. Now my bike starts much easier and I cuss less. :)

I was planning on buying a 01' YZ426 and was doing a little "research" and found this site. This site is awesome and it is amazing how much I have learned in less than 2 years! Hopefully TT will be around for awhile and the content/people remain informative. Unlike DRN where people kiss @$$ to the moderators so they can get a pic by their name LOL! Later,


Ego, what were you doing with a phatt woman anyways? Seeing just how good your suspension revalve REALLY went??? :)

I was thinking about buying a 426 and wanted to see what the community was like. Went to and typed in YZ426. Next thing I knew I was reading about how great the 4 banger is. TT has been a great help in figuering out my jetting problems too. Thanks

In late January this year I went to a track in Mesquite NV. The guy I parked next to had a YZ 400 with a bunch of stuff done to it. He mentioned this site to me and told me to check it out. I would never have found it if someone hadn't told me about it.

I was at my local Les Schwab and the manager told me about his neighbor (Bryan) ran a website for 4 strokes, so I checked it out and the rest is history. Guess he lives(or lived) about 3 blocks from my house and I never knew it the whole time I had been visiting this site.

I overheard 4 women sitting at an adjacent table to mine at the mall food court talking about TT. They knew how to polish aluminum too.

Boit, did you get their numbers? :)

I too was researching on the 426 before I bought one and ran across the site. Great find!


What can I say Love em all :)


Hey I was at the same Restraunch, but those gals were bitching, about the boy freinds / husbands spending so much time on TT, and Oh Ya that even said the would love to met me cuz I was sooooo Funny

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I was educating myself on the newer 4 strokes and stumbled across TT. I've received some great tips for my '98 YZ. Thanks folks! :)

Originally posted by cowboyona426:

Ego, what were you doing with a phatt woman anyways? Seeing just how good your suspension revalve REALLY went??? :)

I don't really like,

litty bitty cars, or real big women,

but I always seem to find myself in 'em...

Originally posted by motoman393:

Unlike DRN where people kiss @$$ to the moderators so they can get a pic by their name LOL! Later,




I found TT though a buddy of mine back in 99.

There is really only 2 websites in this whole world I need.

TT and E-bay. And Im addicted to both.

I found it when I talked to one guy that had a 426. I wanted to buy a CR250, but he let me ride his 426 and the 250 thing never crossed my mind again. I asked him where he found out about all this cool stuff he put on his bike and the mods and stuff and he told me about TT, so I went here and started reading and bought a bike with in a month.

I was out at Elsinore the very first day I had my 426. Me and another guy were play racing to the point a crowd had gathered to watch us tangle the shrouds and bars up in just about every corner. We both pulled off after about 8 laps of full tilt combat and started talking. He was 40, I was 40, I asked him about the high speed adjuster on the shock, he told me check TT. I never did get that masked mans name. Been here ever since. :)

Did a search on and I have learned a lot from you guys. Thanks

was at a race in november with my friend...his '00 426 kept foulin a plug and a guy came up to us and started talkin and he said "check out, its gotta' lot of great info on those kind of bikes"

now i check it every day :)

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