how did you find out...

I wanted a four stroke bike and while doing some research, found TT. Been here ever since and bought a 2002 YZ250F. Yamaha should thank TT for all the business. Merfman- good quote from Kid Rock !!

I was researching any info i could find on 4 strokes. And i came upon this site and WOW. This place is so informative that it convinced me to buy a 426 today.

My dealer told me about it when i bought my bike.

Ross at Enzo Racnig told me about it. Was having problems with jetting and he was like man you need to check out, it will prolly be on there what to do.

Somewhere walking through California and i heard these two guys talking about dirtbikes and they kept saying thumper this and thumper that, so iasked them what they were talking about and here i am.

And you know everyone i talk to i tell them about this Place.


sirthumpalot: I didn't think about getting their number(s). I was busy taking notes, besides, one of them might have wanted a date with me. I don't spend money on no stinkin' woman! I can get me one of those new 773 tires for what I can take a female out to dinner and a movie.

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