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CR80 has puzzling intermittent mid bog

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Got a 2002 cr80 that has a mid rpm range bog.  Since I go through my toys when I get them, I figured I would clean the carb up.  I checked the carb, cleaned all the orifices, set the float at 19mm when the tang just touches the spring tip on the needle and put her back together.  I then added some fresh gas mix in but did not expect results as the carbs orifices was for the most part already clear.  I fired it up and I was right, the same thing, intermittent mid range bog.

What happens is in first gear slow revving it gets to half way and sputters a little until it gets in the upper rpm.  Half the time it does it, half the time it does not.  I tried getting to the 1st/2nd gear range but shifting all the way in to 6th to find out where the bog was because 1st was too torque-y.  I noticed that half the time it would pull like a freight train and the other half it would bog like it was not getting gas or spark.

Obviously were looking at:

Spark Plug



Stator Pickup



Does any of that sound like a familiar pattern, problem or issue before I spend a week buggering with tis thing and throwing parts at it?  I don’t know of a way to check a intermittent CDI unit except for changing it with a questionable unknown unit.

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I didn't realize that was a bike specific issue....


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