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xr400r XR400 carburetor fuel screw assembly - can't find my washer after the o-ring?

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Hi all,

So I picked up an 04 XR400 on craigslist for a good price. I took it out on the trails immediately without swapping the old gas cause I was eager to ride the dang thing. Of course, the bike began to stall and backfire on the trail and I managed to get it back to my truck by gravity riding it. Gas was pouring out of the overflow hose when I set the fuel petcock to reserve so I figured the carb just needed some cleaning.

So I pulled the carburetor out and cleaned it. In the process, the airbox boot hose connecting the carb to the airbox tore because it was brittle and I went ahead and ordered a new one to replace it. I guess I'll have to pull the subframe apart to take the airbox out and replace the boot; never done this before and was curious to see how others have done it.

Anyways, back to the carb issue. When I went to take the fuel screw out just underneath the jets and the float in the carb, I was expecting to get a washer along with the o-ring, needle and spring. I had to fish the o-ring out of there and managed to get it out, but I did not see the washer. I'm not sure if its stuck in there or not; when I shine a light in there to see if it's stuck my mind plays tricks on me and I've tried fishing it out for hours and can't get anything.

It could be that there is no washer in there anyways so I went ahead and ordered the carburetor rebuild kit with fresh float valves, jets, gaskets, o-rings, etc. How readily are those washers supposed to come out of the fuel screw bore? I'm paranoid about it being stuck in there this whole time and me adding another washer on top of it when my rebuild kit gets in the mail.  

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