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Crf250r air box

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I need some ideas on how to keep water out of my 06 crf250r air box. We do mostly trail riding with some mud puddle and my son's crf250 seems to pickup water in the open slots on the sides. I need some ideas on how to modify this. Any suggestions?

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Guys I ride with on KTMS cut up to size furnace air filters and plug air box holes which IMO is the easist. I've also heard about using panty hose or if you can get some goretex but both are hard to install

You need to be creative but the key thing and obliviously is that you do not want to restrict air flow but find something that does not break down and get sucked into the air filter too much and at least prevents water rushing in and IMO furnace filter would be my first choice

If its just a bit of water, I don't worry to much cus I usually check my air filter before every ride or 2 and clean/oil as required. Any water should drain out of the bottom of air box. I uses No Toils and this set-up.


Personally on my CFR, I have the side air vents open but when I get to say 3 foot deep rivers or puddles I have to go through, I just stand up, weight back and give it through as fast as I can go with out stalling and dropping the bike. More technique and might be better in the off road forum.


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