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XR650L suspension setup database

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I'm looking for my next dual sport and haven't totally ruled out the XRL.  I've had an XRR a few years ago and really liked the borynack (sp?) valving database he had.  I followed his setup and loved the way the bike handled. I'm going to be using the XRL to spend a lot of time in the California deserts, and I've heard they need work out of the box.  Is there any database or reference as detailed as the borynack setups for XRL suspension?  These are the same forks from the XR600Rs right?  I would like to be able to do the work myself if I can get valve stack info .. In my search I see a lot of folks just saying swap to CRF forks, which looks to be a more expensive option then sending out for a primo revalve.  Can't find too much as far as valving for forks or shocks.  

Im no racer, but I do a lot faster desert cruising and there is plenty of long whooped out sections.  

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