rear brake res.

I have trouble with my rear brake res. getting burned and melted on my exhaust pipe. I have a new one to put on the bike, but I don't want to put it on and have the same thing happen again. I thought about fabricating a bracket to drop it down an inch or so, but I just bought devol frame guards and it won't allow me to do this. I guess I could pound the frame guard into a new shape to allow me to do this but I was hoping that some of you guys would have a better idea to help me. Does anyone run heat tape like whats on the inside of your stock side pannel?


After putting a WB E-Series Promeg pipe on my 2001 YZ, it was close to the reservoir too. I added longer bolts and added a few washers to create more space between the pipe and reservoir. I have not had any other problems since then.

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Is your aftermarket exhaust closer to the res. or is your exhaust hotter than normal? Have you done any jetting changes? The first idea that i thought of when i read you post was your bike was running on the lean side causing the exhuast to be hotter than normal.

.02 :)

i just ripped some heat tape off the orriginal side panel and wrapped it round the res and safety wired it on

though wud a new honda one fit?

My question is the same as 302's. Exhaust seems hot, too hot. Unless your trail riding the thing really slowly, and its just a heat build up thing. Throw some specs up, like jetting and pipe modifications. There has to be a cause from some kind of change. Very unusual to melt the resi. like that.

I have a WB E-series pro meg exhaust. I didn't have to rejet at first but then I bent my head pipe and replaced it with a E-series High Boy head pipe, I went two richer on the pilot and main jet and two clip positions richer on the stock needle. I do 95% of my riding in the woods and a fair amount of that is in slow technical trails. I think I might try what that one guy did and run some washers, my res actually rubs on my exhaust. I don't know how well that will work though, I have Devol frame guards that cover my res. and it touches on the other side, but I just put them on. I haven't ridden with them yet so that is not part of the past problem. Mabey I can bend it out some though. Thanks for the help guys. Keep it comin

I got the same problem with mine... it warped then it leaked all the fluid.... So to fix the problem I bought another res and fabricated a heat shield from a small 4" X 4" 1/8" thick piece of aluminum which bolts on with the reservoir. The shield is intended to cut the radiant heat from the muffler to the res. Have not had a problem since... I wish I could take a picture and post it... it looks pretty sharp too.


Please check your PM.


Please check your PM. Thanks

I have a 00 426 with an FMF PowerCore IV SA, stock headpipe, and Works Connection frame guards. I do all my riding on trails as well, and I have never had any problems with the resi on my bike. Do you still have the stock exhaust system still? If you do, bolt it back on temporarily and check the clearance between the pipe and resi. Reinstall your WB setup and check the clearance once again. That would be my suggestion, after that, I would either wrap the resi with heat tape or build a guard for it like some people have said they did. Just my .02

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