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2014 KTM 350 SXF Popping and Starting issue

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Okay so I got a 2014 KTM 350 SXF and it has some weird quirks that tell me its not quite running right.


First off, the bike will start fine... ...the first time.  If you hit the killswitch and then try to restart it immediately it will not start and the FI light will not flash.  If you wait about 30 secs or more, it will start back up fine like normal.

Secondly, the bike seems to run pretty good other than letting off the throttle it will pop a lot on decel.  Also, if you try to twist the throttle too quick from idle it will bog down like a poorly tuned carb.


What I have done to the bike so far: cleaned fuel filter, cleaned injector, repacked exhaust, adjusted tps sensor with tps tool from .50 all the way to .80 and it did not seem to help one way or the other.  Any suggestions is appreciated, I will give it a shot, thank you!



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