FMF Q pipe for XR650L

Anyone have one of these on their L?

Yep I have one with a power bomb works well sounds good & not to loud.



I've got the Race version, of the FMF Q, the PowerCore IV. It's loud but I'm not in a situation where I have to worry about passing a 96db sound test... Thanks goodness! :)

I have the old design with the torpedo spark arrester. It sounds ok, at idle it's almost as quiet as stock. It picks up a little when you open er up. I'm very happy with it though. I have the power bomb head and the older "Q" muffler. Very good power, off idle response is better but it's still no "R". I am VERY happy with the service I recieve from Chris at FMF. If he didn't know the answer to a question, he did the research and found it for me and got back to me right away. Anyone else just tells you "if it's not in the catalog, we don't make it."

I got an fmf q series on mine when I bought it used. The previous owner installed it. I was surprised by how loud it was and repacked the thing as I was going to a CCC ride last year and wanted to pass the 94db limit. Well I blew that limit away I think at nearly 98db. I heard that you can get a special end cap for it from fmf. Anyone try this? What is the power bomb that is refered to in some of these replies?

Don't want to spread false info, but I heard the new FMF Q will pass the 94db sounds limit tests?

The "power bomb" an optional pipe that replaces the stock header and is supposed to give you some more "low end" kick.

There was a guy in one of the posts however that doesn't notice a difference in his, as well is it not fitting 100% to his older version of the "Q" pipe.

At one point I had my eye on the Powerbomb header but desided to take a pass on the powerbomb. :)

Anyone know if there is a quiet core insert for that original q series? What is the best packing to use to make it as quiet as possible?

Anyone know if there is a quiet core insert for that original q series? What is the best packing to use to make it as quiet as possible?

If you want quiet get the FMF far as i know the original Q is as quiet as it`s gonna get,,no optional inserts needed..i love my Q..i don`t want it to sound like the original OEM Honda exhaust though..i like a little noise,,mine isn`t that loud i feel...

The best packing is the premium packing by FMF,,it`s designed for the Q series FMF told me 3 weeks ago...


I too have the Q4...but have not tested it yet, would love to ride but the weather is slowly getting back to rideable, as the snowpack melts. hopefully SOON.

easy install on the Q4 and I've heard them on other bikes and they sound great

Anyone know if their headers will fit the old q series and if they do indeed lower the exhaust note 1.5db as advertised on the bomb versions?

>>Would anyone have a USED FMF or any other brand of slip on muffler they would want to part with??? Newly acquired 01 650L sure does need one. Trying to get used to save $$.. Help if you can...

Thanks, Paul (980)581-0006

I may be parting with my original q series if anyone can tell me if the new q4 ones and/or headers lower the db at all.

What happens if I show up for a dual sport ride, and the exhaust is above the sound limit? Heck, I wouldn't even know how to test mine. It's the original "Q", I think.

Exactly what I was worried about. They can turn you back. In MI it is 94db which there is no way I'll make. Probably 96db with new packing I think. So that is why I am asking people too. Hoping the new one is quieter or there is an insert for the old one or the header will quiet it down.

Well I purchased the powerbomb header and I'm going to get some new packing.

I also called FMF because they never seem to respond to email. Their rep told me that they did make a quiet insert for the original q series and it is part no 040171. He said they no longer make them or stock them but I could probably find it from an online retailer which I did. So I just got that today just to find out that the rep probably had no idea what he was talking about even though he said he worked there for 2 years and was sure it would fit. There is already an insert in the original q that is much shorter so that it doesn't interfere with the spark arrestor and there is no way this new part will fit in its place. So that was a waste of $30. On top of that fmf can't quite seem to get their stuff straight with packing either as they over something like 7 different options and I've seen numerous posts about the reps informing people of getting the wrong stuff that is often too short from their can. FMF customer service sucks. Lets hope this header was worth the >$200 or I'm done with them.

I installed a FMF Factory 4.1 slip on made for a CRF450 on my 'L' and it was pretty loud so I spent $39 for the quiet core insert and it made a pretty big difference. Very happy with the results.

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