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stator/flywheel 02-08

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I have an interesting problem with the stator or flywheel. I will start with a story of something that happened to me a year or so ago.

I bought an 07, rebuilt it, ran it a few times. After a couple rides the bike didn't want to start after sitting for a week in the garage. I would remove the spark plug, heat it up and it would start. I run race fuel and it seems to pull moisture so I thought it was the fuel since it only started happening with the fuel. One day the bike would not start even heating up the plug. I checked for spark and I had none. I changed the stator out with another, nothing. Then I took the Vortex CDI from my other bike and it fired up. So then I purchased a stock CDI and put it in, nothing. Swapped back to the Vortex and it fired up. Said to self "@#%$@#%$" I got a bad CDI from XYZ. So.. I take the so called bad CDI and put it in the other bike (one with the Vortex) and it starts. I am perplexed and scratch my head until I am bleeding.

I decide to take out the flywheel and use an 05-08 flywheel instead of the 02-04 and the bike runs with both CDI's. Now... I have used the 02-04 flywheel in 05-08 bikes for years and this setup worked for a few rides with no issues.

So, fast forward to today.. A friend of mine has a bike that starts fine cold, idles properly, runs fine in all areas. When it gets hot it idles perfect, then dies. When the bike is set to idle higher than spec it runs fine. Lower the idle to 1800 and it runs a few seconds, then quits.

We checked valve lash, changed the coil, swapped the CDI, swapped the stator, checked/cleaned the carb, changed the CDI. Still exists. I say to him.. Hmmm... maybe the stator I gave you has the same problem, it seems to be when it gets hot the problem occurs. I then remind him of the flywheel problem I had a few years ago and he says "How can it be the flywheel"? I say... "hell if I know, I am just reminding you of what happened to me".

So... I say - why don't we take the alternator cover + stator and swap out the whole part. We will start your bike and see. IF your bike works I will take your stator cover and stator and install in my bike, it's a backup bike and if I need to ride it it will be fine in a pinch with the idle high. We make the change and his bike runs properly. Then I say.. I bet yours will work in mine.. he laughs. I install it and it runs and idles fine. There is a silence like no other until you can hear the top of a beer come off and hit the ground.

My bike has the stock flywheel in an 07. His is an 08 with 05 Vortex and 03 flywheel and 05 harness. I would assume the next test would be to install his flywheel in my bike.

Seems crazy to me, but with all things there is an answer. De-Magnetized flywheel? Ghosts? Weird.


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