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Cant identify needle in YZ144

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I'm going through my bike before the season starts to make sure everything is up to snuff and pulled a needle out of the carb that has no markings on it at all.  The needle is gold/brass in color. A 450 main is in there as well. It's a 2005 YZ125 with EG 144 in it. I bought it last year and it ran fine but ive never owned a 125 or 144 before so maybe it was down on power I have no idea. It didnt seem like it though.

Does stock Yamaha needles not have any markings on them or should I just be safe and order the stock needle so I know for sure?


OK.. as far as I have been able to find out.. the 6CHY5-80 is the stock needle for a 2005 YZ125 in Canada. In the spare carb parts the previous owner gave me there is this needle but it's silver.

I wish I knew what this unmarked brass coloured one was.

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If top where clip goes is red or blue it's a jd jetting needle 


only needle i know of without letter markings.

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