Airbox allowing water to enter

Any else had problems with their airbox allowing water to enter from around the access cover? It has a small amount of dense foam that seals with the lip of the cover, but mine seems to be leaking. My first thought is to add a small bead of silicone seal on top of the foam. I ride a lot of deep streams and stalled yesterday in about 2' of water. Looking for any ideas, suggestions. :)

First of all make sure you route 2 carb vent hoses ( one from each side) into the airbox to prevent the carb from creating the stall in the first place. 2 feet of water is doable but at the limit. I made my own silicone gasket for the cover and it worked for a while but the cover lacks the pressure to truely stay water tight. No real solution once you get to the airbox and you have a long crossing. I do great on short deep ones up to my shins on the bike but I think anything longer than 5 or 6 car lengths is going to be a problem at 2 feet. :)

sounds like your going to have to silicone seal the cover each time you clean your filter. going to be a pain but it's probably the only solution. take indy's advice and reroute two carb vent hoses. while your at it, put a T fitting in your valve cover vent hose to keep from sucking water in when you restart. make sure the fitting is above your water line and run the extra hose up by the radiator.

I do have my bike swamp proofed - carb vent hoses are routed to top of air box and crank case vent tube has a T that drains excess oil to my chain and other end is also in the airbox. Think I may locate some more of the dense foam and glue another layer to the existing foam insert to help tighten it up. Seems like I read a post on this same thing a while back but no luck searching the archives. :)

Biggest issue I see is that the 3 Zeus fasteners are not enough and the cover will flex and allow water in where there is not enough sealing pressure. It is a real dilema on long deep crossings. Silicone sealing seams to be the best way for now but you need to re-apply it every time you are planning to do some deep crossings. :)

Do you have pistures of your set up ?


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