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2004 KX 250 Basket case no spark

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Hey guys,

Bought this 2004 Kx250 in boxes and boy I have been taken for a ride.  From a bent shift fork to trying to press the old gear out of the clutch basket this bike has been a headache.  Well I finally get it all together and No spark.  So i tested the coil and I could get a secondary winding reading so I suspected this was the case.  I bought a used coil off a good running bike apparently and still no spark.  Also need to know how to exactly get a secondary winding reading because I also got zero for this one.  I have pulled the flywheel off the key is in the correct spot.  All connectors are correct and not frayed.  I cleaned them all out with parts cleaner and then blew air through them.  When I was putting the bike back together It was late at night and I put the green connector to the gray and the gray to the green connector.  I tried starting it like this and then I realized my mistake. Could this have done something.  I hate electrical problems so before I just buy new stuff I want to know what could be bad.  Thanks Guys!







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