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rear shock

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Hi all, just recently bought a 1999 xr400. I'm relatively new to dirt riding so I need some advice. Can someone help me determine what this is attached to rear shock? I know it compressed air but not sure how to use it in adjusting my sag. I've tried to look it up online to no avail-can't make out the name/brand.

thanks for any help you can provide. 


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That canister on the side of the shock body is a nitrogen bladder,

in no way it is used to change sag height.

Usually pressurized in the 140-150psi range, it keeps the shock's oil from cavitating. 

(oil separating / creating air bubbles as it passes thru damping orifices)


Worth having it serviced, bled and re-pressurized,

over time the nitrogen gradualy migrates thru the rubber bladder into the oil,

can happen in less that 6 months even on brand new shocks.


Sag is done by adding/removing preload on the spring,

proper settings are only achieved pending you have the correct spring rate to match your weight.

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