BAD CDI ON MY 02' 426

Has anyone else had problems with there 02'??

i have had mine since 12/01 and haven't had any issues, did yours go bad?

Have you checked all of the readings with an Ohm Meter. I know my CR ignition crapped out 2 weeks after i bought it. I pulled apart everything checked everything with an Ohm meter and found aqll to be ok. I reassembled and it miraculously began to work.

Have you checked your ignition on a buddys 426 if possible and vice versa?

Sometimes the Kill button shorts out or it could be a bad stator but you should be able to check that with an Ohm meter also.

Well good luck.

I haven't had any problems on mine. What symptoms are you seeing that lead you to the CDI? Is Yamaha gonna fix it for ya?


I am curious what the date on the steering stem has to be to classify it as a 2002?. Mine has 08/01 on it. :)

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