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2014 stalling issues

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So I race enduro's.  Towards the ends of my races this year when the bike gets hot it starts stalling.  It will start right back up but it's starting to be a problem.  4th gear in whoops having the bike cut out is not fun.  It basically feels like it's running out of fuel.  I replaced the gas cap but it still feels like it's building pressure in the tank.  Last year this problem was small in the summer heat.  I'd chop the throttle and it would stutter like it wanted to stall but never did.  This year it's progressed and now is stalling and this is only 30-60 degrees out.  I feel the bike will never make it in the real summer heat?  

Any ideas?  My understanding is that you can't replicate electrical problems if its due to heat.  The bike starts perfect and runs awesome.  Just stalls as it gets hotter.  Thanks for the tips.


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